GingerLove, the legendary hot drink!

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What is GingerLove?

Discover our entire new range of organic drinks here

GingerLove is a divine mix of citrus fruits, ginger and herbs. The warm frothy drink is caffeine free! You can buy a delicious GingerLove box, with 8 easy sachets, online or in The better stores to prepare our ginger tea at home . And of course you can drink GingerLove in hip and trendy places around the globe.

In 2006, GingerLove by vegetarian restaurant Lombardia, the variation on traditional ginger tea, received worldwide attention by accident. A journalist from The Wall Street Journal had tasted the beverage while staying in Antwerp and believed that GingerLove deserved an honourable mention in the list of “Must do’s in Belgium’. GingerLove suddenly appeared next to names such as Dries van Noten and Rubens, and the ball was rolling.

Sting and Moby have been spotted at Lombardia, and the cream of the crop of Belgian artists and creative souls regularly descend there for a quick healthy bite or a cup of GingerLove.

GingerLove by Alain Indria is not simply the umpteenth non-inspiring tea variant. Even coffee devotees such as us are willing to forego the caffeine bomb for a cup of GingerLove. GingerLove not only gives you wings, GingerLove fills you with a harmless intoxicating glow.

We were served this innovative ginger tea with a magnificent yellow-orange head and a slice of ginger playfully skewered on a stick. The home-made biscuit and fascinating smile of the waitress were welcome bonuses. The lively aroma of the GingerLove spread – somewhat provocatively – throughout the room and we carefully slurped from the glass. With high expectations, we allowed the first swallow to linger in order to give our taste buds the chance to make a critical assessment.

GingerLove exceeded all of our expectations! A generally pleasant feeling overcame us. GingerLove had the effect of both an aperitif and a digestif!

The ingredients of GingerLove are a well-kept Lombardia secret, but in any case, the fresh fruit juice and ginger are healthy ingredients. It is certainly worth a visit to come taste GingerLove in all of its glory with Alain Indria and his creative crew. Presently GingerLove is perhaps raising a furore at the World Expo in Shanghai where it is being served at the Belgian EU Pavilion.

GingerLove is now within the reach of all, the GingerLove machines are no longer required to prepare a delightful cup GingerLove. You can now drink GingerLove any time and any place: at home, at work, while travelling, during sports. The only thing you need is a sachet of GingerLove,  to which you add ice-cold or boiling water. Stir or shake, and your own GingerLove is ready to drink!