Suddenly have a cold?

Try a cup of ginger tea to chase the cold!

For a long time now, a hot bowl of chicken soup has been the remedy against colds in the West, but now the competition is heating up. After the trendy Sushi rage, the humble ginger root is now making its presence known. Ginger tea is one of the most effective and affordable treatments against colds.

In the 13th century, ginger was nearly as expensive as pepper: a pound of ginger cost as much as a sheep. The Chinese have been using ginger for more than 2,500 years to fight colds because it contains much yang energy, warms the lungs and thins the mucus. When I recently had a cold, I allowed myself to be tempted by a cup of Shoga-yu, but no, it wasn’t for me.

Ginger is said to contain twelve antiviral substances. Ginger treats all the symptoms associated with a cold: sore throat, inflammation of the mucous membranes, coughing. What’s more, it relieves pain and has a calming effect.

Which ginger treatments are good for a cold?

Hot water vapour containing ginger tincture reduces swelling of the sinuses in the case of colds. To really ‘sweat out’ a cold, add a pinch of cayenne pepper to the tea, and your cold will be short-lived for sure. Another somewhat exotic tip for dealing with a cold: mix a coffee spoon of cayenne pepper with a coffee spoon of ground ginger, and sprinkle this in your socks, then walk around as much as possible. Your feet will become super-warm and you will sweat out your toxins!

Asthma sufferers with a cold are advised to use a ginger tincture.

When treating a cold with a hot bath, we added five ginger slices to the water. The lively aroma that was released opened up the nasal passages almost immediately. If you then lie down to rest, wrapped in a delicious towel, you will notice that you begin to sweat. After half an hour, take a lukewarm shower and drink another cup of ginger tea. You will feel reborn, and the cold will be as good as gone.

Where can you find ginger tea?

Ginger tea can be found in the better shops and on-line. If suddenly confronted with a cold, and you have fresh ginger in house, rasp it, pour hot water over it, add some lime or lemon juice, stir well and drink with small sips.