GingerLove is made from pure organic or Fairtrade ingredients. By adding water, you turn it into a delicious drink with a magnificent layer of foam. Cold or warm, always delicious. All herbal extracts used are also organic.
You literally drink real fruit and real herbs.
And you enjoy all their health benefits!

“The fruit in our Drinks is RAW dried using organic certified and low-temperature drying techniques, in order to maintain as much nutritional value and benefits as possible. But at the same time with the least possible impact on people and the planet. Because we insist that all our products should be both healthy and sustainable!”

It is a Belgian product made by Lombardia in Kontich. A local family business that values respect for people and the environment very highly.

GingerLove was born in the vegan temple Lombardia in Antwerp. Over the years, customers from all over the world have come to Antwerp for it. Among them international stars like Sting and Moby.

Alain Indria, creator of GingerLove: “Gingerlove did not originate at all from the idea that it should be a ‘product’, it was just for myself. But we had a nice drink, and there was a demand for it. Gradually, we gained certifications (fairtrade, vegan, organic…) and put a lot of effort into quality. This is bearing fruit. Our customers like it, trust us and that goes around like wildfire.”

It is a special ginger tea because of the delicious foam on top. That didn’t exist and I have a patent on it. You can see it in every cup, in every glass. And you can taste it too. It gives you a super pleasant mouthfeel and it’s delicious. That foam is free of milk. So it’s suitable for vegetarians and vegans, and completely lactose-free,” says Alain enthusiastically.

At Lombardia, the makers of GingerLove, everything starts with respect and love:

Our products are made from 100% natural ingredients. No chemicals, manipulated nor artificial conditions. The processes we use to dry our Drinks RAW are also 100% natural and organic certified. They guarantee an optimal preservation of the healthy nutrients and vitamins.

One of the core values of the Lombardia DNA is fair trade. We demand transparency, certification and evidence about the circumstances and conditions to which people are exposed in the process. From the small organic farmer to the international trader to the local distributor.
That is why we organise our production and sourcing as locally as possible. It increases the control we gain over the production conditions. Our important partner RIKOLTO (ex Vredeseilanden) also stands for fair trade. They support us in our communication with the farmers.
At Lombardia, we consider it extremely important to make healthy and responsible products. So we only work with partners who give us the necessary guarantees about the origin and health of their products. No freeze-dried nor chemical processes. No sweatshops or non-transparent traders.
We only accept to work with partners and suppliers who use natural and healthy methods as well as ethical principles.
GingerLove is 100% vegan and certified by The Vegan Society. But what exactly does this mean? In short, a vegan does not consume animal products. So no meat, poultry or fish. Just like ordinary vegetarians! But also no dairy, eggs, animal ingredients (such as gelatine) and animal by-products (such as honey or milk).
Strict veganism is not for everyone and we certainly don’t expect it to be. Our choice of a plant-based, animal-friendly recipe is a clear response to the industrialisation of food production, in which animal welfare appears not to be a factor. That is why positive veganism is an important part of our philosophy. It also allows GingerLove to be completely lactose-free. Actually, GingerLove is also completely gluten-free!
At Lombardia we are very proud of our organic production. All agricultural ingredients are from organically controlled cultivation. We only use Fairtrade ingredients when no organic alternative is available.
The European legislation on organic certification is one of the strictest in the world. Organic certificates in America, for example, are of a completely different (read: lower) value than those in Europe. A product that is bio-certified in Europe offers the consumer a good health guarantee.