GingerLove Fairtrade certified by Max Havelaar

GingerLove’s statement on the eco and humanistic mission, for a better planet!

We are proud to announce our official partnership with the development project organization VECO and our local sheltered workshop De Brug.vredeseiladen logo Together we can make a difference, combining forces as we take green energy in high regard while making sure all our packaging is made from FSC cardboard.

A deeper and more conscious look:

VECO will be assisting us with making sure all the GingerLove ingredients are sourced from honest sources to guarantee that everything in your cup is made from the best stuff on Earth. So, with every box of GingerLove you purchase, you are supporting local farmers worldwide as we donate part of the profit to this charity.

De Brug is a social workshop that is handeling all our packaging and has now become our official partner.

Make it better:

GingerLove is much more than just a healthy alternative on the hot drinks market. Let it be clear that we put in strong efforts for a conscious green planet with respect for one another and the planet we all share.


It has always been my dream to bring good and natural forces together with the support of local goodwill and international effort to make it a better planet.

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Together we can make a difference,
Alain Indria,
inventor and CEO of GingerLove.