Vitality makes the difference

A cup of ginger tea and you’re ready to go again!

Vitality is a quality associated with health and youth. Vitality, however, is much more than the absence of ‘medical’ ailments.

Vitality is a question of available energy. When you have sufficient energy, in other words when you feel ‘alive’, a good balance exists between body and mind.

In Antiquity, people were already aware of this principle: Mens Sana in Corpore Sano.

Vitality evokes an image of progress and motion, and is available to all. It has everything to do with a healthy lifestyle, a correct relationship between rest and movement together with a healthy diet.

What precisely does vitality imply?

Vitality is located at three levels: the physical, psychological and emotional.
Physical vitality means that you know when you must do what, that you recognise your body’s signals, understand them and if needed, modify your behaviour. Physical vitality is obtained by healthy exercise, sports, adequate sleep and a healthy diet. Many whole grain cereals, nuts, seeds, vegetables and fruit give you direct access to a healthy dose of antioxidants.

Emotional vitality requires a transparent, tolerant, broad and open mind that properly understands the purpose of life. Spiritual vitality implies that we are able to focus on what is truly important, stay alert, take decisions and be able to analyse and process information.

Finally, there is emotional vitality. Engaging in relationships that are enriching and stimulating is good for your vitality. Good emotional vitality implies that you assume responsibility for your life, and don’t blame others when things go wrong. Surrounding yourself with people with a positive attitude increases your vitality and gives you more energy.

What can we do to increase our vitality?

In addition to adequate sleep, regular exercise and a healthy diet, it is very important to cleanse our bodies on the inside. Water is the most important substance in our body. Giving your body sufficient water could inhibit the aging process. An adult should drink 8 large glasses of water per day. Less known but certainly just as good for your vitality is green tea or caffeine-free ginger tea. Try a cup of GingerLove at Lombardia’s: you’ll immediate vitality in abundance for a pleasant day of shopping in Antwerp!