Libido, passion in your life

“Does GingerLove increase your libido?”
“Try it yourself!”

Libido or simply ‘sexual desire’ is as old as humanity. A surplus or lack of libido brings some couples together and drives others apart. Entire libraries have been written on the phenomenon called libido, but in prose and poetry, it is disguised with the requisite modesty as fierce desire.

Aphrodisiacs, remedies that increase sexual desire, are named after the Greek goddess of fertility, Aphrodite, born from the sea foam in Cyprus. The fact that the Greeks generally did not suffer from a lack of libido is testified to in images on stone jars that leave nothing to the imagination. ‘The Roman poet Petronius had good advice for old goats with a healthy libido: lash yourself under the belt with nettles just before the romp that you hope later will receive the adjective ‘passionate’.

What remedies increase the libido?

According to experts, the best aphrodisiacs are Tribulus terrestris and maca. In addition to a high libido, these substances would even provide a light vibrating feeling where necessary(!) The drawback is that habituation quickly takes place. Spanish fly, or Cantharis vesicatoria beetles crushed into powder, would produce a fierce libido and a huge erection, but is bad for the urinary passages and causes a rash. Look before you leap certainly applies here! Caviar and oysters would also increase your libido, but not everyone has these in the refrigerator.

Do certain vegetables increase the libido?

Most certainly. It is no fable that celery is good for the libido. Apigenin, an alkaloid substance that dilates the blood vessels and stimulates the flow of blood, is responsible for this.

Concerning the reputation of carrots and cucumbers, we are sorry to have to disappoint, but the substances they contain do not increase the libido. While their shape is suggestive, the same applies to apricots and peaches, thus perception would indicate that they also should increase your libido.

You wouldn’t expect it, but a true sex bomb among vegetables is …the green pea. It is rich in provitamin A and vitamin K, and has a phosphor level of 80 mg per 100 g.

Ginger has been used for generations to stimulate the senses. Ginger has a warming effect and is said to boost your libido. Use it fresh or as ginger tea, such as Lombardia’s GingerLove tea. During the time of slavery, the Portuguese noted in a derogatory way: give the slaves ginger and their numbers increase.