ENERGY gone? Try GingerLove!

Energy – refuel with a natural pepper-upper: ginger tea

Joy Malcolm, de energie bom-zangeres bij Moby  

Sound familiar? You have no energy, feel drained and tired, find it difficult to drag yourself through the day, only to crash on the couch in the evening. Time for action!

What are the most common causes of lack of energy?

The winter has dragged on too long, we’ve seen too little daylight, and our melatonin level – which contributes to a good night’s sleep – is inadequate. You can try to remedy a lack of energy due to a shortage of sleep by not eating too late in the evening, and always going to bed at the same time.

Another reason for a lack of energy is poor diet. Try to become more aware of what you eat and take the time to prepare a healthy meal.

Stress situations can also result in a lack of energy. Take stock of where you are and where you want to be. Possibly consider a different choice, even if that demands the energy you think you do NOT have! Dissatisfaction and stress soak up energy!

Hormonal imbalance, for example during pregnancy or perimenopause, can also have a negative effect on your energy. It is very healthy to exercise more, without taxing your body, preferably in healthy outside air. Remember: using energy creates new energy!

What to do in the case of a real lack of the required vitamins, minerals, etc.?

The easiest thing is to take nutritional supplements; many people swear by their daily multivitamin supplement. It is generally known that magnesium, co-enzyme Q10 (ubiquinone), iron, Vit. B12, folic acid and biotine increase energy. However, natural remedies also give good results.

Adequate green leafy vegetables, beans, full grains, nuts and fruit provide the required nutrients so that you again have sufficient energy. Substitute water and herbal tea for alcohol and soft drinks. They cleanse your body, allowing you to better absorb the required nutrients and thus bring your energy level back to normal.

Ginger is a true energy booster. Ginger comes in many forms: from candied nuggets, sweets, ginger drop with apple, ginger balls soaked in chocolate, to slices you can add to tea and vegetable dishes.

You don’t know what you are missing until you try it. So enjoy a mug of GingerLove and see if your energy doesn’t increase. We bet you’ll be back for more. We will be defending the Belgian honour with this delightful tea at the World Expo 2010 in Shanghai.