DETOX, spring cleaning for your body

“A cup of GingerLove as detox?”

Detox is a trendy word for a centuries old custom. The term is derived from detoxification, the process of removing poisonous substances. In almost all major religions, what we now understand as detox was known as ‘fasting’. Initially this time of fasting was intended to assist practitioners at arriving at a higher spiritual consciousness, and thus it had a spiritual meaning. In modern Western culture, this period of austerity is seen more as a physical purification.

Detox, what does it involve?

Detox is NOT something you learn – and best quickly forget – from programmes such as Celebrity Detox.

Detox first of all is a process of becoming aware, of understanding that your body and mind need rest. One of the basic concepts of naturopathy is that our body – at least when its immune system is working properly – is perfectly capable of resisting harmful effects that come from without. If for one reason or another, the immune system is not functioning well, the body is unable to remove toxic substances sufficiently and you end up going through the proverbial “bad patch” or becoming sick.

In contrast to regular medicine, detox does not primarily target treating the symptoms. Detox focuses on the cause of the ailment. Dr. Sherry Rogers shows you the way in her book ‘Detoxify or Die’. Detox can be a good occasion to drastically change (bad) habits.

Detox, how to start?

According to the Ayurveda, spring or autumn is the best period to begin detox.

We often associate detox with enemas, severe fasting, lymphatic drainage, juice treatments or attractive arrangements in wellness centres. While there is nothing wrong with these approaches in themselves, a healthy dose of determination, ordinary home and garden remedies in combination with a bit more exercise in the outside air can go a long way.

By way of detox, you can eat less or maintain a vegetarian diet for a short period. You can try to become more aware of everything you consume and what your body does with it. You can indulge your body with a delightful warm scrub with ginger and kaffir lime. When starting detox, you especially need to drink well: water, vegetable juices, green tea or a cup of ginger tea. We discovered by accident the heavenly GingerLove tea at Lombardia vegetarian restaurant in Antwerp. It makes detox enjoyable, and that’s a welcome bonus!