Nausea, the solution is close at hand!

Nausea? Ginger brings deliverance

Sometimes we literally (or figuratively) have our fill of things, but often the answer to nausea is close at hand: ginger!

Against what forms of nausea is ginger effective?

Nausea during the first quarter of pregnancy, which can seriously spoil a mother-to-be’s feeling of well-being, can be treated with ginger capsules or with a cup of ginger tea. Dr. Vutyavanichan of Chiang Mai University in Thailand monitored 70 pregnant women and observed that women who received 1 gram of ginger daily had fewer problems with nausea and vomited less than women who received a placebo. 1 gram of ginger would be as effective against nausea as existing medication for this ailment.

A study by the University of Rochester Medical Center showed that patients who were treated with a specific therapy that included medication against nausea and vomiting (anti-emetica), responded 40% better when they were given ginger alongside the regular medication. These findings were reached via a double-blind randomised phase III study with 644 patients presented at ASCO 2009.

A daily dose of 0.5-1 g of ginger clearly leads to a reduction in nausea during the first day of this specific therapy. Ginger is absorbed by the body almost immediately, hence the nausea disappears quickly.
Ginger would also combat nausea due to motion sickness or seasickness. Drinking ginger tea drink in small sips quickly relieves many types of nausea. In a number of cases, ginger also strongly decreases nausea after narcosis.

How does ginger combat nausea?

Ginger interrupts the feedback between the stomach and the nausea centre in the brain.