Digestion, key to health

Digestion problems? Try ginger tea?

Ayurvedic medicine says that every meal should consist of no more than two handfuls. Indeed, large meals are hard on digestion and in fact you should always leave the table a bit hungry.

Digestion is a fascinating mechanism. You stick a sandwich in your mouth and a short while later it is converted to blood and cell tissue, fantastic right?! Belgian artist Wim Delvoye visually presented this entire process of digestion, but opinions on his Cloaca machine were divided. The smells released by this work of art were not foreseen, and were a cause to reconsider.

How can you assist your digestion?

Hot water is an ideal way to purify the body and promote digestion. A few slices of ginger root in boiling water yield a savoury ginger tea that stimulates digestion. Adding ginger to solid food also promotes digestion. Ginger improves the passage of food through the upper part of the digestive tract in people with digestion problems.

You can use ginger as tea but also as tincture, in capsules or you can add it raw to the cooking water when for example preparing vegetables that cause flatulence.

 In his book “Perfect Digestion”, author Deepak Chopra recommends taking a mixture of fresh chopped ginger, lemon juice and a pinch of salt a half hour before the meal. Ginger is said to increase the appetite and according to him would promote digestion. In the case of adrenaline insufficiency, digestion can be improved by adding ginger slices while cooking. Fresh ginger contains many natural enzymes that in turn improve the absorption of nutrients and digestion.

Ginger helps in the case of slow digestion as well as with diarrhoea. Ginger contains zingerone, which is said to be the ideal treatment for diarrhoea caused by the bacterium Escherichia coli, the number one cause of death among young children in developing countries.

You may also have noticed that digestion does not proceed smoothly when you are under stress. Ginger contains cineols, a type of natural Prozac, that promote digestion. So you see that nature has much to offer in combating a number of ailments.