Recipes with ginger: “Gingerlove pumpkin / apple jam” in 5 easy steps

Dear Gingerlovers,

Below you can find a recipe for delicious pumpkin/apple jam WITH GingerLove!!

Coming from one of our many fans, as posted on our FaceBook page ( by Chris Vannoorden.

* 500 g apples
* 500 g pumpkin
* 2 sachets of ginger love
* 1 table spoon of freshly grated ginger
* 500 g jam sugar
* 1 cup of white wine


1. Cut apples and pumpkin into small cubes
2. Add sugar, ginger, ginger love and wine.
3. After the boiling point has been reached, keep it boiling for 4 minutes.
4. Pour into sterilized jars, close and put upside down until cool.
5. Keep in a cool place.”

Let us know how you like/dislike it please!!

Team GingerLove

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