IDEALABS opening coffeehouse in Antwerp ‘COFFEELABS’

Silicon Valley in Flanders

That’s kind of the vision this young up-and-coming entrepeneurs from Antwerp had when they created IdeaLabs. The idea behind it is that they offer a unique start-up program, where they make sure that promising and innovative ideas get transformed into real products and services, and make it to the market. This will be achieved in a period of 3 months.

Opening CoffeeLabs this Friday – with free GingerLove

To become a truly entrepreneurial and inspirational place in Antwerp, the people from IdeaLabs decided the first step in the process should be building a public entrance to their building. And so a new coffeeshop named ‘CoffeeLabs’ was born.

As you can see above, this new establishment uses ‘Heaven for us caffeine-heads’ as their slogan.
That’s where we come in to play!! You GingerLovers all know by now that one of the biggest benefits of our own ginger tea GingerLove is that it’s absolutely caffeine-free! Almost everybody knows that ginger provides you with a natural boost of energy and vitality. It’s the ideal alternative for coffee in our opinion.
That’s why we decided to send our promo team to the grand opening of CoffeeLabs, next Friday 19th October starting at 17h, to provide everybody with lots of free GingerLove. Place to be: Lange Klarenstraat 19 – 2000 Antwerp.

Everybody is invited, go to for extra info.

Hope to c you all there!!
Team GingerLove

PS: Happy Hour from 17h – 19h!!

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