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Antwerp is the best in… Everything!

October 1st, 2014


Antwerp is on top of the world. Seriously, Antwerp is ruling these streets, day and night. Let’s be modest here, Antwerp is the centre of the universe! At least that’s how it sometimes feels out here, and not without serious claim to do so…

Historically, Antwerp has always been an important port and trade route. Many important bussinesmen, creatives and investors have settled here all through the centuries… It’s only logical that all through the years this city has become a melting pot of amazing ideas and talent.

Besides our important, international flair and recognition with Lombardia and GingerLove, Antwerp’s king of street knowledge Tanguy Ottomeir has made fine selection of Antwerp’s finest places to underline the importance of our city on a world scale. See below the video of our mention, giving us the compliment of the world’s greatest ginger tea! His article about Antwerp’s finest was published on the 9th of September in our national and independent newspaper Gazet Van Antwerpen.

Among Tanguy’s shortlist are a few amazing Antwerp spots, such as Coffee&Vinyl, that recently got named the best recordstore in the world (and they also sell GingerLove). Holy-Moly, what an honor that is! Then, ofcourse there is our amazing, beautiful train station of Antwerpen-Centraal, an amazing, spacious building with incredible architecture. We’ve also got the ultimate top of ballad choreography and so much more for you to discover, like our international fashion scene… and so much more!

Find out more about who else is in the shortlist of greatest, the world class of Antwerp offsprings, in the video below, where Alain is narrating Tanguy’s article of world class. It feels really good to be included with our own invention, GingerLove, as a world class product.


GastroNord Trade Fair 2014

April 30th, 2014










We are proud to announce GingerLove’s participation at the Gastronord trade fair, Scandinavia’s biggest and boldest HoReCa event.

With participants from all over Europe and beyond, our original hot drink will be represented as one of the Belgian specialties, hosted by Flanders Investment & Trade, showcasing some of the best products Flanders has to offer.

Lift-off to new horizons with our all natural, vegan, bio and fair-trade product, we aim to leave a deep impression on the Scandinavian markets.

Complete with Fairtrade label certified by Max Havelaar, Vredeseilanden and our sustainable partners Kauri, we’re bringing GingerLove to the Nordic region in all it’s glory.



Nieuwe GINGERLOVE Hotspot in Antwerpen!

January 3rd, 2013

Coffee City Antwerpen

Zin in een koffie, Gingerlove of een lekkere lunch?

Ga eens langs bij CITY COFFEE  in Antwerpen!

Nieuw vanaf 14 januari 2013, ongetwijfeld een bezoekje waard!


Tar’tine is jarig… Gingerlove trakteert!

January 2nd, 2013

Happy Birthday Tar’tine!!

Tar’tine, dé broodjeszaak in Aalst, bestaat vandaag 1 jaar!

Dat ze smaak hebben bij Tar’tine, dat bewijzen ze al sinds de eerste dag, want naast

de heerlijkste broodjes, staat ook Gingerlove op de kaart!

Geen verjaardag zonder feest!  Geen feest zonder geschenkjes!

Kom tijdens de feestweek langs bij Tar’tine en GINGERLOVE trakteert je alvast met een gratis sample.

Zin om mee te vieren?  Van harte welkom bij Tar’tine!  Voor meer info: www.tar-tine.be

Feliciteer Tar’tine met hun 1° verjaardag!  Stuur jouw verjaardagswensen

via https://www.facebook.com/pages/Tartine/202977263106959

GingerLove op tournee door Nederland

December 18th, 2012

Spot onze GingerLove mobiel en win! Nederland, in de komende dagen zullen we allomtegenwoordig zijn in het straatbeeld en daar koppelen we graag een leuke actie aan vast. Ziet u ons GingerLove wagentje voorbij flitsen en u kan er een foto van maken, stuur die dan door naar ons en maak kans op een LoveBox!!!

Je zal ons de komende dagen kunnen treffen op volgende locaties:

Hanos Amsterdam
Better Bagels Leiden
Kalasa Kitchen Amersfoort
Hanos Nijmegen
Pretpark Slagharen
Hanos Heerenveen
Tocht om de Noord
Kerstmarkt Leiden

Succes en tot dan!!

Timberland and eco-friendly, family-owned business

December 7th, 2012

Did you know shoes are one of the most poluting causes in this world? Place number 1 goes to car tires…But shoes come in a scary second place because of the usage of rubber soles…

Timberland is one of those forward-thinking compagnies that is trying to help raise awareness to this environmental issue with being one of the only producers of eco-friendly soles.

Even better, Timberland supports local family-owned bussines, in short; Timberland supports GingerLove! Both compagnies with a green work ethic are walking hand in hand, ready for the winter, strap on your boots and drink GingerLove! We love Timberland and all they do for making this a greener planet, rock on!

For more info have a look on the Timberland website here: community.timberland.com/Belgium

GingerLove in Jersey

December 7th, 2012

Somewhere in the North Sea lies the amazing Island of Jersey. Part of the United Kingdom as one of them Channel Islands, very close to the coast of Normadie.

GingerLove is highly excited to be available in this lovely and unique place via The Lovin Spoonful cafe/bistro, a cosy place that is laying it’s emphasis on qualtity over quantity, fair and innovative products.

So, if you find yourself ever in Jersey, you know where to go! This place has the magic and the GingerLove. Definitely worth a visit.

Yogy Love

November 19th, 2012

De frozen yoghurt bar Yogy in Gent kiest resoluut voor GingerLove als hun enigste hot drink op hun menu. Deze leuke en hoogst-originele yoghurt bar is verleidelijk lekker.

Het concept is creatief: Je kiest je formaat biologische frozen yogurt, je sprenkelt er enkele extreem lekkere toppings overheen en smullen maar. Meer houd dat echt niet in. En toch is er nog meer… Met de winter voor de deur biedt Yogy nu ook zelfbereide wafels aan met frozen yoghurt en topping. Dit samen met een GingerLove in de hand heeft een betoverd lekker effect!

Eurostar action with GingerLove

November 14th, 2012

Go to the U.K. in style, stay hot and refreshed on the Eurostar with GingerLove! Before boarding, pick up your take-away in the Coffee Club at the Eurostar terminal in Brussels. London is one of our favorite destinations and GingerLove is also available in a few selected areas down there. So… We got something special for all you Christmass shoppers about to paint the town red:

If you send us a picture of you with a GingerLove in hand boarding the Eurostar to London we will reward you with our exclusive LoveBox! No photoshop allowed 😉 !!! This action is valid untill the end of December 2012.

Post your picture on our Facebook wall or send us via email info@gingerlove.be

GingerLove in your coffee

November 12th, 2012

Coffee and GingerLove, it’s a complicated marriage. But if you get it right you’ll get the best of both worlds. Besides our experiments mixing with alcoholic beverages there is a whole new world of experiment in front of us using coffee in combination with GingerLove…

Coffee + Ginger = PowerBomb. Both ingredients are known for their heart racing effect so we are challenging baristas and coffee enthusiasts worldwide to make something special with GingerLove and coffee combined. That’s right, we would like to see more signature drinks combining GingerLove, Coffee, and a lot more that what your imagination and taste-buds can handle.

Here’s Andy for example. Andy is a barista from the Kafeemacher group in Basel Swiss and did something amazing with our product. Check this little video Alain made live from the trade fair ZAGG in Luzern, a few months ago:

Andy’s GingerLove and Coffee signature drink (serves 4 glasses)

* 4-5 Ice cubes
* fresh Milk
* 4 espresso shots
* tea spoon of brown sugar
* Mix of crushed pepper
* 1 sachet of GingerLove

instructional video:

So baristas, what are you waiting for? Add GingerLove to the mix and suprise us, yourself and the rest of the world with a original GingerLove/Coffee fusion mix. Let the experimenting begin! Post your results on our Facebook wall and win a Lovebox!