GingerLove, a world wide success story

Our special hot drink, GingerLove, is doing very well. Its popularity hasn’t stopped at the borders of our little Belgium but is spreading throughout the world. A journalist of the American newspaper Wall Street Journal even put drinking a cup of GingerLove on her ‘must do’s in Belgium’ list! In 2010, the spicy and foamy GingerLove stepped into the global spotlight as the official hot beverage at the Belgian- European pavilion at the World Expo 2010 in Shanghai. Last, but not least, Alain Indria’s GingerLove also won several awards!

The award for the most innovative beverage in the Benelux, for example. GingerLove, GingerCcino back then, was rewarded with this award at the Horeca Expo in 2007. In that same year, Alain and GingerLove received the much coveted Antwerp Award from Antwerp’s mayor Patrick Janssens. This award usually goes out to large companies or famous people, but GingerLove impressed the jury with the world wide press coverage of a little foamy cup full of taste.

Antwerp Award

GingerLove’s inventor, Alain Indria, puts GingerLove in the centre of attention using only his own ideas and creativity. He invested his own time and modest resources to promote the innovative drink successfully far beyond Belgium’s borders. The success story of GingerLove was featured in a case study in ‘Strategic Brand Management’, by Kevin Lane. Lane is well known as a co author of the prominent marketing books by Kevin Lane Keller and author of several other marketing books.

Another big accomplishment was our participation in the 2010 World Expo in Shanghai, China. GingerLove was chosen to be the official hot beverage at the Belgian-European pavilion. Visitors expected Belgium’s most famous products, like chocolate and diamonds, but were surprised to also discover a new, simple and yet remarkable, Belgian product: a spicy and tasty cup with citrus and an intriguing layer of foam. GingerLove is a small company and its participation at the World Expo thus was very extraordinary.

Yes, we are very proud of how well our GingerLove  is doing. What started as a home made invention, is rapidly becoming a world wide success. It is remarkable how a modest Belgian product, from a small family business in Antwerp, is becoming a strong global brand. But we do remember what is most important of all: GingerLove’s fans. Hearing from happy GingerLove fans, living in every corner of the world, is what surprises and delights us most. You are our biggest reward!