GingerLove in your coffee

Coffee and GingerLove, it’s a complicated marriage. But if you get it right you’ll get the best of both worlds. Besides our experiments mixing with alcoholic beverages there is a whole new world of experiment in front of us using coffee in combination with GingerLove…

Coffee + Ginger = PowerBomb. Both ingredients are known for their heart racing effect so we are challenging baristas and coffee enthusiasts worldwide to make something special with GingerLove and coffee combined. That’s right, we would like to see more signature drinks combining GingerLove, Coffee, and a lot more that what your imagination and taste-buds can handle.

Here’s Andy for example. Andy is a barista from the Kafeemacher group in Basel Swiss and did something amazing with our product. Check this little video Alain made live from the trade fair ZAGG in Luzern, a few months ago:

Andy’s GingerLove and Coffee signature drink (serves 4 glasses)

* 4-5 Ice cubes
* fresh Milk
* 4 espresso shots
* tea spoon of brown sugar
* Mix of crushed pepper
* 1 sachet of GingerLove

instructional video:

So baristas, what are you waiting for? Add GingerLove to the mix and suprise us, yourself and the rest of the world with a original GingerLove/Coffee fusion mix. Let the experimenting begin! Post your results on our Facebook wall and win a Lovebox!

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  1. […] Het is een waar genoegen om met hen in zee te gaan zakelijk maar ook creatief want samen met hun koffie gaan we verder onderzoeken welke leuke combinaties er vallen te bereiden met koffie en GingerLove… Zie o.a. de leuke bereiding die Andy van Kaffeemacher recent heeft gemaakt hier) […]

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