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Ginger helps!

Ginger isn’t just a spicy tastemaker in the eastern kitchen. According to Het Laatste Nieuws (a Belgian newspaper), daily use of ginger could reduce muscle pains after sports or working around the house with at least 25%! Most likely, you don’t have fresh cloves of ginger stacked in a kitchen shelf, but don’t worry – now you can have our GingerLove, based on fresh ginger, at home, in the office and basically anyplace. GingerLove comes in a handy sachet and its powder dissolves quickly in both warm and cold water. Thanks to GingerLove, you are constantly just a few moments away from your daily dose of ginger, wherever you are. This innovative, trendy drink with ginger as its main ingredient is refreshing, sparkly and frizzy. Experts assume GingerLove is going to be an absolute hit.

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